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Wondering about how roof financing works?

Roofing loans have a big key advantage: you get access to the capital you need to get the roofing project done immediately. This becomes critical when an emergency happens and your roof needs replaced and you don't have the savings available to pay for it, you're stuck with a leaking roof. A leaking or damaged roof that's costing you more and more money in property damage as time goes on! Roof damage can be incredibly stressful situation, but quickly securing a roof loan when you need it can really take the sting out of the situation.


Going green doesn't have to cost the earth.
Lowering your utility bills and doing your part for the environment is easier than you think. We have lowest loan rates. And with terms ranging from 1 to 10 years and highest rated application process, we've got a solar finance option to suit just about everyone.

Solar goes mainstream
By 2017 more than 25% of Americans had installed a solar system on their roof. In the last 10 years the cost of solar has reduce by more than 90% while government rebates and buy-back incentives remain high.
For most households solar makes sense but you needn’t hand over your hard earned to get it.

Benefits of Solar
Lower Energy Bills
Gorvenment Grants
Reduce Carbon Footprint
Future Proof
Property Value

WHAT DOES Loan Options DO?

We help you get the best deal possible on your loans, period. By giving consumers multiple offers from several lenders in a matter of minutes, we make comparison shopping easy. And we all know-when lenders compete for your business, you win!

Whether you’re a first time homebuyer looking for a mortgage or you’re in the market for a small business loan, we’ve got you covered. LendingTree is a leading online loan marketplace with one of the largest networks of lenders in the nation.